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Information for Participants

This project is for people with intellectual disability and Autism who want to work in open employment. We can include up to 20 people in the project. We will try to develop jobs based on your individual strengths, skills and interests, and support you and the workplace as you begin a job. We want to develop jobs that are useful to the workplace and are also a good fit for each person in the project. Jobs could be casual, part time or full-time work.


We will talk to you about your employment goals and if it is the right project for you. Participation in this project may depend on:

  • Your interest in finding paid work (award wages)

  • Your availability to work

  • Capacity to travel to work or willingness to explore transport options

If you join the project, our Community Employment Mentors will work with you to develop a work profile. This will include interviews with you, your family and others who know you well. We might spend time with you in a few places to learn more about your abilities. We will help you to create a resume to give to potential employers. You can keep all of this information to use for further employment exploration. You will then go on the matching list for a job. Finding the right match may take a while and we cannot promise a job as it depends on the jobs that are available at the time.

Once Belonging Matters has developed your work profile, we will connect with Rotary and their business contacts to look for potential jobs.


Belonging Matters will:

  • Recommend you to employers based on your individual skills and interests.

  • Introduce you to the workplace and make sure you learn the skills and knowledge needed for the job.

  • Assist the workplace to include and support you.

  • Act as a connection between your workplace and your family.

  • Help you find the right ongoing support if you need it.

  • Be available to you and the business to discuss any ideas or issues.


As this project is funded by the government for 12 months, there is no cost. During the project, Belonging Matters will look at ways to keep the project going and how the NDIS might fund individual support.


We will work with all participants to increase their chances of finding a job, however we cannot promise everyone will find a job through the project. It is important to keep other employment avenues open to increase your chances of finding work.


Are you already talking to a business about a job but need some advice about the next steps?  Give us a call and we can mentor you and the business in the early stages of role development.

Find out more about how to get involved in CEP by downloading our CEP brochure for participants (PDF, 702 KB).

For information on your role in the project and how we are delivering customised employment, download the Information for Participants and Families brochure (PDF, 1.6 MB).

Photo of Jack with a wheelbarrow doing gardening work.

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