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Employees with intellectual disability and Autism bring many benefits to the workplace, yet they often miss out on finding jobs. The Community Employment Partnership is a partnership between Rotary and Belonging Matters. It uses the business contacts and networks of Rotarians to help create employment opportunities for job seekers in the Community Employment Project. 


Belonging Matters brings 20 years of experience and can provide information, advice and a ‘hands-on’ customised approach to help you find and get to know potential employees and their abilities that are a good match for your business, rather than relying on formal interviews and job applications. We can offer ongoing mentoring and advice to businesses about inclusive workplaces, and identify possible roles that might suit someone in the project. We also work closely with job seekers and their network to understand their individual strengths, interests and abilities. Our aim is to match the skills and interests of participants to a role that benefits both the job seeker and the business. We currently have job seekers ready to fill a range of positions. Roles can be as little as 3 hours to full time.

To find out more about how your business can be involved in the project, download our CEP Brochure for Businesses (PDF, 1.6MB) or contact our CEP team.

To find out how CEP can benefit your workplace, download our Good for Business brochure (PDF, 1.43MB).

Cameron Skinner working as a receptionist

Harvey working as a Leisure Services Officer at Waves Leisure Centre

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